Our History

OUR DREAM … ““A dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality.” “(African proverb)

It all began on December 31st, 1999, a few minutes before the stroke of midnight and before the start of the new millennium. There was great excitement, even in the icy air of that night, there was euphoria. I was walking down the main square, greeting and making wishes to friends, when in a corner I saw a small cabin, built entirely of wood; it was love at first sight. I saw in it my new project, my new FUTURE. I immediately started dreaming and there, at midnight, when the year 2000 started, I wanted to get back into business. After the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, I did some research whether there was the possibility of buying that wood cabin. Then I enquired about the possible incentives and available government funding to create a holiday home, or rather a magical place where my future guests could spend unforgettable holidays. Years went by and my time was always little, spent at home, with my family, working, and working and working. After 5 years the wood cabin was still stacked in my garden. My wife threatened to make wood for the winter out of it and from that moment on I decided not to waste any more time. I applied to open a B&B, I got the licence and I immediately started to work. One year after the chalet Grundwald Hutte became a reality. Together with my wife Vera and our daughters Roberta and Francesca we started this new adventure. After a few years, seeing that it was working, that our love and dedication were appreciated, we decided to dream even bigger and create a whole resort.

The renovation

After four years of meticulous work, something unique has been achieved

It took us almost 10 years to start building the new chalets. Because of planning, planning permissions, amendments, we accumulated a lot of delay but my wife and I were always determined and no one or nothing could stop us. Finally in 2015 the first chalet “FIOCCO DI NEVE” began to take shape. However the way ahead was still long; it took indeed another 3 years to see the conclusion of our resort. A great dream requires high quality materials. We relied on local craftsmen, who built our 4 chalets entirely in larch wood; even today you can smell its scent every time you enter the front door. The wood has not been treated with chemicals so as to leave its natural colour, which will change over the years. The roof is made of shingles, the interiors are entirely made of fresh fir wood or beams taken from old stables, all designed to measure. But ‘chalet’ for us also means modernity and therefore, even in this case, we decided to give our guests the best: induction plates, oven, fridge, freezer, coffee machine, kettle, milk skimmer and all the necessary comforts for living at best a holiday in a mountain chalet. I never stopped imagining our guests relaxed in front of a fireplace, sipping a hot chocolate or drinking a glass of wine and eating homemade desserts. So I decided to build in each chalet, a fireplace for the winter and a nice terrace for the summer where you can relax on deckchairs and eat outdoors watching the children play safely, or admire the little children with the their parents that come to visit their guests almost every evening. And after a lot of patience, determination and constancy, on August 1st 2018 the 4 chalets were eventually finished. FIOCCO DI NEVE, STELLA ALPINA, GENZIANA AND BUCANEVE came to life. I have always been a dreamer and even if, to date, I managed to complete 4 chalets, I still dream to complete our initial project and build an additional 3 chalets because: